Stehekin Cedar Cabin

John and Patty Wilsey

PO Box 5

Stehekin, Wa  98852

Email: johnwilsey@hughes.net


Stehekin Cedar Cabin is located 1.5 miles from the Stehekin Landing (boat dock)

at 80 Silver Bay Rd, Stehekin, Washington



Do you have a phone or internet at the cabin?

There is no phone or cell service at the cabin and no internet access.

Our own internet works via sattelite.  If people "downlake" need to reach you while

 you are here in Stehekin, they may contact us via e-mail.

Is there a grocery store in Stehekin?

No grocery stores.   We recommend you bring your own food up with you.

During the summer months (Memorial Day - end of Sept) there are a few other options:

Stehekin Pastry Company   our beloved local bakery offering fresh baked bread, pies, breakfast and lunch. A 10 minute walk from the cabin.

The Garden offers local organic vegetables and fruit in season. A 2 minute stroll from the cabin!

The Lodge at Stehekinoperates a gift shop with some snack food and small grocery items. Located at the "Landing" where the Lady of the Lake boat docks.

Do you live in Stehekin year around?

Yes, along with 60-80 others.  

How are the bugs and weather in Stehekin?

The mosquitoes can be very friendly, especially from about July to Sept, so bring some

repellent with you. 

Weather is usually comfortably warm to hot (75-90 +) from July to Labor Day, wonderful

in Sept/Oct., rainy in November, thinking about snowing a lot from December to March, then warming up again. June can be any of the above! ha. Normally very pleasant and not many bugs in  June.

How can I schedule other activities ahead of time?

Nick. That's how. Nick at Stehekin Reservations is your one stop shop for activities in Stehekin: Horse back riding, kayak tours, massage, guided fishing, dinner reservations at Stehekin Valley Ranch.  Give him a call and he will take care of all that for you!

509 682-7742